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This album was recorded many years ago and was my very first attempt at all of the following: songwriting, singing, programming beats, recording, and performing. Be gentle with my tender 23-year-old self.


released September 11, 2005

This band was me and Jared McSharry, who played guitar and certain noises.



all rights reserved


Isaac Marion Seattle, Washington

I am mostly a writer (Warm Bodies) but sometimes I do music. All the music here is very old and some of it is embarrassing. I will make new sounds soon.

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Track Name: Glaciers (A Hymn From the Thousandth Floor)
(on the thousandth floor, I can see it all. High above the clouds, I can see it all)
(I want to know, I want to see, I want to believe, the truth)

I am standing in the sky
What was vast is small
I can see the march of time
I can see it all

It's a glacier moving in
It's a four alarm fire
I'm still bleeding, I'm still sick
But from here I can see the world

It's the bruises on your face
It's your bloodshot eyes
It's the rat trap in the maze
of our empty lives

But it's an army in the sky
It's the face of God
All your life you'll wonder why
But there's a reason to the world
Track Name: Souvenir Bullets
This is a gunfight
This is a fire fight
This is an all out war

Smoke, fire, steel, lead
Hide under the furniture, they’re perforating the walls
Take my hand now, we’ll get out of here alive
Blood may flow but we’ll survive

And tomorrow
We’ll take these bullets
Out of our wounds
And we’ll make these bullets
Into souvenir necklaces

Don’t be afraid
We’ve been through all this before, look next they’ll kick down the door
Stay by my side, we’ll take everything in stride,
a year from now we’ll look back and laugh


Sit with me in the dark, let those bullets fly
Under a desk, share a glass of wine, while bombs rain down outside
Though thousands lie dead in the streets, they will live again
And you and I will never die, still laughing at the end
The end
Track Name: Pulling Eighty
This may seem a fair trade
The labor for wage and the 8 hour day
But all is not as it seems
You downsized my dreams I’m resigned to my fate
So write out that check, cause

They told me if I work on holidays
I could earn time and a half
And if I work while the office is burning down
I just might earn double time

I want, and sometimes I need
We all need the feed but a line has been crossed
When you know I’m so far gone
You call me at dawn, I show up with a smile
So write out that check, cause
Track Name: Murder Case
Staring from across the room
I recognize you from behind
Dirty brown hair dyed red
Insulates an icy mind

Tell me what the hell do you think you are doing
Knocking on this door tonight

You spot me from across the room
You slide over with a smile
I feel it creeping in again
After all it's been a while

I've fought this thought
For a year or three
No more friends
That's all gone
And that's all right with me

Cause you want both ways, you want both worlds, but you shut and I locked the door.
No more foreplay now that I can say I don't feel you anymore
Yes sir your honor, I'm guilty of the deed
But sir your honor, it was in self-defense

Fake friendly phone calls
The elephant in the room
Have you put all that behind me now?
Was it a bomb without a boom?

I don't care if this hurts like hell
This has to die, so say goodnight, I wish you well, or do I?

I'm so sorry
I have to kill you dear
I hope you understand, this was in self-defense
Track Name: Self-Surgery
You stand you sit you dig a pit you fill it in
You fall you crawl you watch the wall don't move at all
You lay your head down on the bed you sleep a year
Too big for you too much to do you drop your arms

You run you hide "I'm strong!" you lied you live in fear
Your eyes are wide stare at the light a frightened deer
Your armor's thin your tender skin can't take the heat
Your knees they sag you plant the flag you claim defeat

Get off the ground, dry your eyes little boy
Gather your courage now, you have yourself to destroy

You sit alone you watch the phone don’t pick it up
You scan the list all those you miss delete their names
You don't need them not now not then lie to yourself
Deserted island you know how to shove em off

People in need you sit and read no time for them
Some other time some other time you'll help em then
You stand you sit you dig a pit you fill it in
You fall you crawl you watch the wall don't move at all

Get up, wake up, stand up, look up, dry your eyes, grit your teeth, take the knife, gouge out what's you, replace, renew.
Track Name: Ballad of a Defective Product
Enough is enough, enough is enough
I've lived my life alone
Books films and songs
There's something wrong
I don't know what they mean

I want to be like everyone else
I want what I've never had

Quality control, we've a defect
He doesn't know how to live
He see a face
He looks away
He doesn't know what to say

Just "I want to be like everyone else, I want what I've never had."

Pull him off the line
He needs some big repairs
He doesn't know what it is
(love) (error) (love) (error)
He's said "I love you"
And he's heard "I love you"
But he's never heard "I love you too."
Track Name: The Assignment (Hurricane Season)
All the sadness in the world sits in a pile on my desk
In my office on the thousandth floor
And I don't know what to do with it
I don't know how to file it
I don't have the password
I don't know the forms
Cause all the knowledge
and all the understanding
and all the acceptance
can not change how I feel
cause all the sadness in the world
is sitting in a pile on my desk
high above the world
Track Name: Hostage Situation (An Anthem)
Food, water, air, money
Food, water, air, power
Food, water, air, freedom
Food, water, air, foundation

Food, water, air, eyes
Food, water, air, mouth,
Food, water, air, skin
Food, water, anything, everything

Food, water, air, heat
Food, water, air, motion
Food, water, air, grip
Food, water, air, control

Food, water, air, release
Food, water, air, peace
Food, water, air, rest
Food, water, anything, everything,

Freeze, don’t, move, a muscle
You have what I need
You, her, he, she, Everyone around me
So done with being cold, 23 and far too old
Feel me now, the world, the mess
You say no, I’m screaming yes
Give me air, give me solid ground
Give me warmth, give me future
Give me light, give me love
Give me everything I need
You’re gonna listen to the gun in my hand
Track Name: Final Thoughts (While Falling)
Some people think the world is out to get them
Some people think they feel eyes on their backs
Some people think that they have enemies
Some people need to scream, to live with this place, the race, your smiling face
But I love everyone, I love you all
Some sing with irony, but I couldn’t be more sincere when I say to you
I love you all

Some people might hate you for what you have done
Some people might resent all that you have
Some people can’t forgive you or your world
But I’m in the clouds tonight
And from here the stars are bright, the world is right

I love everyone, I love you all
Some sing with irony, but I couldn’t be more sincere when I say to you
I love you all, I see it all now, I understand now and I love you all