Dead Children

by Isaac Marion

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I recorded this album on my laptop in my apartment in 2007. I played everything except the cello parts, which my friend Colin Isler played. I'm giving it away for free because I would rather have your ears than your money. (Figuratively, of course. But also literally.)


released November 1, 2007



all rights reserved


Isaac Marion Seattle, Washington

I am mostly a writer (Warm Bodies) but sometimes I do music. All the music here is very old and some of it is embarrassing. I will make new sounds soon.

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Track Name: What the Mountain Said
Hide me in the mountain-side
Deep in the living rock
Push, push, push me far down, down, down
Bury me down, down, down, down

I will feel the life all around me
Breath of the deep dark warmth
Gigantic heart beats slow
Speaks to me soft now
Down now

What did he say to me?
What did you say to me?
"Shut up and wait
Be quiet and wait
All will reveal in time
All that's concealed, in time
So shut up and wait
Be quiet and wait."
But you can't wait.

Hide me deep from all our shame
We keep tying that knot
Married in sin since we opened our eyes
First breath, last breath

"Shut up and wait, man
Shut up and wait, child
You don't deserve the light
Shining down day and night
But all will be healed in time
Your brothers will walk the line
Just shut up and wait
Be quiet and wait."
But I can't wait

Close those red eyes
Track Name: Search and Rescue
Phone call at 4 am, they said you were missing, I threw on my coat, grabbed a flashlight, and ran outside into the dark night. I knew search and rescue was hot on your trail but none of them knew you, so how could they know where to look or where to start.

So I ran out into the forest, to the dark place I knew you'd be. Just followed the trail that you left me, of broken branches and broken lives. Broken hearts and broken minds.

The path took me deep into the heart of the woods. It took me far deeper than I'd ever been, until I was miles from all that I knew, and that's where I found you. I found you in the forest.

Here we are, alone at last, surrounded by the dark, the past and I don't know which way I came. My lights went out, maps burst in flames. So here I am, as lost as you, don't know if anything is true so lay with me in the trees. Don't mind the rain, try not to freeze. Now that I have rescued you, please tell me who will rescue us.
Track Name: We Kill Children
Packing up to move on again, I unload my old dresser drawer. Digging through the strata of another life, and all the layers, dust from some distant moon. A cheesy poem for my first love, birthday cards from my old friends, the journal that I kept in Scotland, and a small black stone that I found on the beach. I was saving it to give to someone, give someone that black stone heart.

Who's that boy? Who's that boy in the picture? Who's that boy in these letters? I don't know where he may have been buried, and I don't know why that boy had to die but he did. Did I?

The first painting I ever did, years ago, I was just a kid. The diary where I kept my crushes, and the small black stone shaped like a heart that I found at the beach. I threw it away. Threw it all away. Threw every fragment of simpler times, and I took that boy, I kneeled him down, put the gun up to his head...

Who're those boys, who're those kids on the TV? Who're those girls, who're those kids in the paper? I don't know where they may have been buried, and I don't know why they all have to die but they do. They all die. All kids die. We kill them.
Track Name: The Colonist
I am a colonist, the first man on the moon. I am here alone. I've been here for years but I don't know how I came. I just woke here one day. But I intend to stay. Alone, I can hear my thoughts so loud. I pulled up the American flag, and made myself a tent. I am quite content.

And I don't need to breathe. I don't need to see anything below.

I sit here on the edge of the moon and drink my beer and wine. I've left you behind. So I sit here and throw my bottles down, watch them crash on the Earth, small dark far below. My memories, they fade. It's warm here in the shade.


I am a colonist, but I am here alone. I'm not made of steel. I see the fires below so when you're forced out of your home, come here, stay with me. We won't need to breathe, we won't need to see anything below.
Track Name: Need No One
Forget all you know about happiness. All of the experts are wrong. Love's not the answer anymore. All your friendships will run aground. But one thing will never let you down. Call nothing by name, and need no one and nothing from anyone. You'll want all of them, but need none of them. Cause they'll smell your fear, they'll smell your emptiness, so fill every hole with you and be happy.

I learned the truth at a young age, but I have a mind that forgets. But one day in December she reminded me, and now it's been drilled into my head. Now I will never hurt again, or so my heart said. He said, "Need no one..."
Track Name: Us and the Beast
We ran out of time, we ran out of breath. We ran out of rhyme, so we ran to our deaths. We drank it away, forgot who we were, traded night in for day, made love on the curb. The city embraced us, we spit in its face. So their records erased us, kicked us out of the race. So we took to the hard road, we bathed in the sea. We shouldered the life load, we slept on the street.

And then we got hungry, we killed and we stole. We clawed at our bodies, we couldn't get full.

Flesh pressed to the pavement, made love to the street. And then we got pregnant, gave birth to a beast. And since we were naked, we stripped off our skin. But all that was under was black smoke and wind.

Beast breathed in our vapor, beast held us inside. Beast burned us in his lungs, smiled and closed his eyes. And so we were unloved, like our mothers feared. We flowed through the beast's blood, and we disappeared.
Track Name: We're Not Scared
I don't know where we wrong. Bibles under our pillows. In church I wrote a hymnal song, but it had no words, they have no words. Everyone's a child of God, born with Bibles in our mouths, but where have all the children gone? The saints go marching out.

The pews are emptying out. The rules are breaking down. The future's all just a cloud, and I'm just a little scared.

Everyone I know is gone, born and raised and walked away. Oh when the saints....oh no, looks like we're all breaking rank.

The sun is fading out. The truth is breaking down. The future's all just a cloud, but I think me and God are prepared.

We're not scared.
Track Name: Dead Children Talking
"I don't wanna die."